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Singing Telegram

Laura can deliver a telegram for anyone’s birthday, employment, anniversary, awards event…anything that needs an extra special message.  She can also do a holiday greeting.  With or without singing, here are the costumes for any occasion. 

Lady Tux, Disco Queen, Dolly Parton, French Maiden, Gorilla, and Formal

Honey Badger Momma

Street smarts.  School smarts.  Social smarts.  This “momma” visits virtually to read letters sent to her from kids who need help with situations.  Some of these topics can be “heavy” and all discussions
remain anonymous.  HBM tells it like it is and doesn’t beat around the bush…sort of like the real honey badger animal.



She is jolly, caring and fun.  Let Mrs. Claus visit any classroom, event or home to bring some holiday magic right to your door.  She can also read her Christmas book written by one of her famous authors.  She can supply a sweet treat if wanted.  Her North Pole visit will help keep the Christmas spirit alive in everyone’s heart.

Mother Goose

She loves to visit children and read stories. She can also bring a
few of her favorite books. She has puppet friends to keep the
little ones engaged. And will share the joy of reading and
nature to young minds.

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