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Laura St. John

From belting out Broadway tunes to singing soft romantic ballads with a piano player; as a female vocalist, Laura St. John has done it all. Singing since childhood, Laura can rock out with the band, sing sultry love ballads, or harmonize with other voices. Her vocal range and training allow her to sing a variety of musical styles. There are plenty of music videos, MP3’s and cool photos of Laura on this site for you to see and hear for yourself.


As a child, she wrote poetry and this turned into writing children’s books and lyrics for original songs. She was always entertaining others in her younger years making people laugh. As a female vocalist, her voice is versatile to rock out with the band, sing sultry love songs or harmonize with other voices.

Career Memories

  •  Graduated from the “Royal Academy of Dance” and has experience in choreography and dance performance.

  •  Strangest costume was a gorilla outfit when she delivered a telegram at a bar with a banana and engagement ring inside.

  • Most memorable performance was delivering a singing telegram during a corporate board meeting wearing a Dolly Parton costume - including the “balloon” chest.

  • Most embarrassing moment was when she tripped wearing a 4-foot feathered shoulder piece, large headpiece, and 5-inch heels while on a rocking cruise ship at rough seas in the Atlantic. You can see this outfit in her mini clip HERE.

  • Forgetting a costume piece during a performance, Laura ran back to her stateroom. There was no time to change out of her stage clothes yet she still had to sneak past a dining room filled with passengers.

  • One time while on-board ship, the seas were so rough that the entire floor of the ship was carpeted in passengers.

  • Performing with actors from the movie “Taps”, famous comedians & magicians, and groups like The Commodores was always a thrill for her. Throughout her career on stage and in radio, she also worked with other top-named musical groups and acts.

  • Honored to have been selected to sing Happy Birthday on her hometown, Cocoa Beach, 80th Birthday DVD.  During the event for city’s 80th celebration, Laura was carried out on a surfboard by eight Cocoa Beach lifeguards while performing live on stage.  

  • Laura loves being in bands that are so in sync on stage performing, it makes her cry.


Happy moments

  • when she delivers a telegram to the nursing home and the people smile

  • when she gets a $100 bill for one song performance

  • when she sings at weddings and sees the bride and groom in love

  • singing with her daughter or son

  • singing duets with operatic male tenors

  • Christmas caroling every year with some of her previous chorus members to shut-ins.


Weirdest performance request

“Once a judge asked me what I did for a living during a court appearance. Then, he had me sing “The Sound of Music” while the trial was going on. It did end up in my favor but not sure if my voice had influenced him at all. I was curious to see what the court reporter had typed while I was singing.”


Laura enjoys entertaining mainly in Central Florida but can also travel to any location for special engagements or events.

Laura St. John
Laura St. John
Laura St John
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