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Laura St. John Author

A Christmas House

In a world of instant information and constant contact, this timeless Christmas story has a new and refreshing message. Is the most important night of the year upstaged by other idols? Each house is visited by special guests, but it is only one house that takes the time to listen and respond. At the Christmas House, the door is open not only to their home but also to their hearts.

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Don't Judge A Bug By Its Cover

What happens when a sweet ladybug named Lace meets up with a suave, wise bug named Mr. Roach? The unlikely pair begin an adventure that will change their lives forever. As they travel through breathtaking surroundings and go about their days, they discover that the need for others is what helps them get by in life. Surrounded by true friends and beautiful landscape, they soon realize the real beauty is within themselves.

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With decades of stories working with today's youth, Laura St. John turned her skills to writing some moral-based children's books. "Don't Judge a Bug by its Cover" and "The Christmas House" are entertaining and wholesome. These books will surely put a smile on a child’s face as well as instill good decisions.

To setup a book signing or author visit to discuss how kids can become authors, please contact Laura at 321-795-7722 or on the contact form.

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